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Berlin 20th October 2012


I know Léonard Ganvert since January 2011 when he came to assist me in I Puritani by Bellini at the Grand Théâtre de Genève (Switzerland). Since we worked again together for the reopening of the Lausanne Opera House (Donizetti’s Elisir d’Amore) […] and in the Wiener Staatsoper (Rossini’s new production of La Cenerentola in January 2013).


Consciencious observer, respectfull and eager for knowledge instrumentalists, singers and other participants in the show. He is very attentive to all the aspects of the production.

He knows how to establish a good relationship with everyone, he attends all the rehearsals, in remplacing me when necessary, or conducting himself one of the rehearsals taking place concurrently.

He knows how to answer technical and musical questions by artists, to provide objective and constructive critics on what he sees and hears. He has a very good knowledge of scores and he is at ease for rehearsals both with piano or orchestra.


We worked together in confidence and in harmony.


I support Léonard and encourage him in his early career.

Jesús López Cobos

After the six performances in September_October 2022, at the Opéra de Nice Côte d'Azur (France):

“Excellent evening of contemporary classical dance whose clarity and sensuality of the two writings (Guérin / Araiz) ensure unity while approaching each according to their temperament, the magic of amorous fusions; demonic and fantastic with Julien GUÉRIN, one of our most inspired current choreographers; wild, twilight, sensual in Oscar ARAIZ whose linear elegance underlines how Rachninov's music is suitable for the explanation and sublimation of bodily attractions.

[...] This is all the more noticeable thanks to the excellent performance of the Orchestra, again under the lively and detailed baton of Léonard Ganvert. »

Transmitted by Alexandre Pham (, October 6, 2022)

After the concert May 20, 2022, Don Quijote, Teatro Campoamor (Oviedo, Espagne):

« Si el trabajo de Éric Vu-An brillo en la direccion artistica, el de Léonard Ganvert lo hizo en la direccion musical. »

(« If the work of Éric Vu-An shined in the artistic direction, that of Léonard Ganvert did so in the musical direction. »)

Elena Fernadez-Pello (in La Nueva Espana May 21, 2022)

Après the concerts August 19 and 20, 2021, Château de Linières (Mayenne, France), La Traviata:

« Thank you to the superb orchestra and its talented conductor. »


« Exceptional, remarkable work, congratulations to all [...] »

B. G.

« Bringing Opera to the Countryside: Brilliant, Magnificent, Grand! Very high quality show. »

F. G.

« Hommage [...] à toute l’équipe. Au maestro bien sûr aussi pour ce pari réussi contre vents et marées ! »

D. D.

« Spectacle de grande qualité dans une ambiance bon enfant. [...] »

K. B.

« [...] a huge thank you for all your generosity, your talents, your participation, your humanism, your availability, your commitment, your solidarity, your belief in a utopia that has become a reality for 5 years, [...] the public is impressed, moved, enthusiastic by this human artistic prowess [...] proof that a new model of culture is possible. [...] »

C. Z.

« Cheer ! 1000 times Congratulations! The cultural managers of the department are surely happy for this quality and for the attendance. Crazy bets the sublime reward! »

F. B.

« The opera in the countryside, a concept rich in meaning, sharing and openness to music. Linière's opera should be labeled and exported to other regions :) »

C. D.

After the concert in January, 2020, Temple de l'oratoire du Louvre (Paris):

"What a wonderful enterprise to highly commend! A tribute to master Jean Guillou whose sound result was at the expected level. Bravo to all the organists, organ builders, percussionist, conductor […] May the craftsmen of this evening be fully thanked. From an ex organist."

Annie Dalbera

After the seven performances in December 2019, at the Opéra de Nice Côte d'Azur (France):

"Near the Mediterranean, the sea is not the only place to dance.

Éric Vu-An brings together Robbins and Gene Kelly in Nice.

At the Nice ballet, Éic Vu-An gathered Jerome Robbins' En sol, on the eponymous concerto by Ravel and in the sets of Erté, and Pas de dieux by Gene Kelly on the Concerto in fa by Gershwin and in the wonderful sets by André François. And it was swinging funny! Especially since the dancers were great. The Cubans Luis Valle and Marlen Fuerte Castro, sublime in the Adagio Assai […] Luis Valle and Veronica Colomba in Zeus and Aphrodite led this Pas de dieux to play. There was joy and style, and; in the pit, the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Léonard Ganvert added more. Along the clear gulfs, at Christmas, it was not only the sea that we saw dancing ... "

Ariane Bavelier (Le Figaro, Selected piece, January 1, 2020)

After the seven performances in December, 2018, Opéra de Nice (France):

"For the second performance this Sunday, December 23, grandiose show, well removed, all in color and rhythm. A troupe well prowled around its artistic director and soloists Marlen Fuerte Castro (who made a noticeable double), Veronica Colombo, Calogero Failla, Luis Valle, Zhani Lukaj and Theodore Nelson dynamic and precise. [...] In short, a large-scale entertainment ..."

H. (​

"The costumes [...] complete the whole with pomp, to the extent of the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra under the effective direction stick of Leonard Ganvert."

Pascal Cyprien, Danser No. 354, February 2019, p. 37.

"Bravo, It was a very nice performance tonight!"

Györivanyi Rath György (musical director of the Nice Côte d'Azur Opera)

"Congratulations for your direction!"

André Peyrègne

"Complimenti Maestro !"​

Piero Martelletta

After the concert in June 11, 2017, Saint-Martin Church (Étampes):
"It was a great concert, bravo for your remarkable direction: hyper precise, all the departures, an artistic breath, a good mood, I really enjoyed seeing you..."
David Cassan

After NORMA, 28th-29th January 2017, Notre-Dame-du-Liban Church (Paris) :

"Dear Sir,

I had the pleasure of attending the "general" of Norma last Thursday, as well as the "first" Saturday night.

The general was a superb "masterclass" of opera direction in concert.

It is rare to be able to be so close, physically but intellectually, to all these instrumentalists, singers and choristers engaged and passionate about their art under the guidance of their attentive and demanding leader.

It was a great moment of sharing for me.

As for the evening of Saturday, it filled me is saying little. The work upstream will really bear fruit ..."



"A few words to thank you for inviting me to the audition of your nice concert version of Norma.

Congratulations to all, I appreciate in particular the elegance of your gestures.

My position in the audience allowed me to realize the connivance between your interpreters and yourself.




"Chorister VociHARMONIE, I want to tell you that it was a pleasure to be led by you!

Long and happy career!

With all my admiration."



"It is my turn to congratulate you on your impeccable management on Saturday evening and yesterday. You are a great leader who deserves to have access to an orchestra to your measure.

We lived a very strong moment for amateur choristers.

Huge thanks and respect for the leader you are."



"I [...] thank you for your happy pedagogy during the rehearsals.

It was the first work I sang, my first concert, and I know that in the midst of all of you, under your direction, and bathed in this beautiful music, I have received much.

Thank you so much […]."



"Thank you Leonard for this wonderful experience. You were superb.

I hope we will have many more opportunities to work together.




"Dear Leonard,

I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for your work, your talent that impressed me on Saturday night.




"Dear Leonard,

What talent, and what pleasure to work under your direction.

I wish we had the chance to work together on other projects."


After the concert in 22 November 2003, Maison de la Chimie (Paris):
Thank you for this moment of musical happiness which is a noble cause that touches me personally in many ways.
Your talent dazzles and proves your strength of character. You touched me like all the public. Thank you.
With my friendly and faithful memory. "
Stéphane Bern

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